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All weavers are welcome!
Bring your own project, complete a class basket or pre-arrange with Dianne to purchase a kit from her. This is an informal setting and not a class, but instruction and guidance will be provided for those needing help with anything. Need help with a technique or overcoming a trouble spot, bring it in and I'll do my best to help you through it. No fee, no registration necessary, just show up and have fun.   (This classroom is not large, so plan your project accordingly!  Bring all your own tools, supplies, etc.   I will not be able to supply extra for you to use unless you contact me ahead of time and let me know what you need. Thanks!)

(Please note the location!)
Open weave will be held in the classroom area inside the Michael's store on Main Street in Brookfield, WI, just north of Brookfield Square. (Walk in through the main door and immediately turn left. Classroom is right there.) They allow us to use the classroom if they don't have anything scheduled, so the days of the week may change depending on what they have scheduled.   We've had to switch to Wednesday evenings for 2020, but that can change.  I will try to keep this page as up-to-date as I can.  Email me if you have questions or just want to verify.  diannegleixner@sbcblobal.net


No open weaving sessions until further notice - Covid-19.  Sorry

Schedule subject to change without notice.